The World of Carnerra Noctin

- Deities -

Name Alignment Symbol Lore
Cantus Lawful Good Silver Shield Cantus is a symbol of justice, tradition, protection, and honor. He is often revered by the knight and warrior, is considered the upholder of kingdoms & lordship, and, amazingly, the keeper of peace.
Machnim Good Gold Obelisk Machnim is the god of civilization, creation, mechanics, industrialization, society, and politics. He is the father of society and of technology, such as irrigation, mining, and farming.
Bane Evil Black Iron Gauntlet Bane is the embodiment of all oppression, tyranny, and misuse of power. He is not inherently evil to the point of senseless abuse and torture, but he has no problem employing these tactics to achieve his goals of power and domination.
Varina Chaotic Evil Wavy Bronzed Dagger Varina is recognized as the trickster, the keeper of shadows, and the Lady of Darkness. She is also attributed to all forms of derangement or dark deeds done out desperation or ill will. Some of her followers are generally good folk with a slight taint towards ill favor, such as thieves or assassins. Others are heavily deranged, including serial killers and the heads of dark cults. She is recognized by two very distinct schools of practice, who regard her as very different forms of goddess.
Saelana Unaligned Leaf/Tree Saelana is the goddess of the natural world and of the mysteries of the universe, including life, growth, weather, and, to some extent magic. She does not have power over magic, but she is recognized as the one who channels the flow of magic in the natural world.
Gemora Unaligned Open Eye Gemora is the keeper of knowledge, record keeping, history, skill & aptitude, and secrets. Gemora is not recognized as he or she in most contexts, and there are many discrepancies in accounts from his/her followers. All forms of historians or bookworms praise Gemora for his/her guidance. Often, as well, those deep in the craft of magic will turn to Gemora for knowledge on the unknown. Any secret of notable worth will be “passed” to Gemora for safe keeping and requested back when it is no longer needed, since he/she is the keeper of knowledge and the only one to be trusted which such things.
Raven Queen Unaligned Black & Purple Cloak with a Raven The Raven Queen is the Goddess of Death, the keeper of souls, and the watcher of time and space. She is the unbiased, and unrelenting, arbiter of all things, including the other deities. While all the other gods have stories of their places of solitude, the Raven Queen’s place of resting, as well as the realm of her legions, the spirits of the dead, has no history or location, at least which is spoken of and agreed upon by the masses.

- Races, Cultures, and People -



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