- Introduction -

The Hand of Shadow is a D&D campaign from the Candemar mythos & universe set in the ancient world of Carnerra Noctin in the land of Narefûn and the surrounding lands of Carnas and Sonferren. The world of Carnerra Noctin has a long and rich history, filled with stories lost to time, magic of old that has been forgotten and fallen into mistrust, and prophesies foretold which have yet to be seen fruitful. In the common day, life is simple for most, and the ways of old, including high magic and heroic battles, are not commonplace. Yet, from time to time they make their appearance, and a few daring and brave souls make their mark on the world’s annals once more.

This story is one such tale. It is a tale of a few strong willed individuals who took upon themselves the task of stopping the fabled and the long forgotten prophesy of the Hand of Shadow, a force to be brought into this world by a race of magicians long vanished and a demigod wrought with gaining power that surpasses most common folk’s comprehension. It is the story of the impact this cataclysmic event had on one small and unassuming nation by the name of Farkyth who happened to be caught in the middle of the chaos. And last, it is a story about uncovering the secrets the old races have not spoken of and men who once knew have forgotten, about the other realms of existence and their ties to this one, and about the gods, and how they turned their backs on this world, leaving it helpless in the hands of those wielding power greater than they should.

Come join the simple people of Farkyth of the lands of Narefûn, and see how their lives, and the lives of the rest of Carnerra Noctin, will be forever changed by the darkness on the horizon.



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