- Prelude: Dark Times -

It is the morning of Shieldmeet, a long remembered day of rejoicing and festival. The small town of Sandstone sits quietly on the edge of the nation of Farkyth, nestled in the forest along the south facing of the great Pale Horns. To its north, over the rocky pass, stretches out endlessly the sea of sand and bleak waste known only as Vanraunoch. Little is known of Vanraunoch, except that legend tells it was once the land of a great nation. Now it is barren and stricken with nomads, a place of wandering souls with little purpose or hope. To the south of this hamlet lies the King’s Forest, a thick, dark oak-filled wood fabled with stories of haunting and creatures of mystery. Yet, little mystery remains in those trees today, as times of late in Farkyth have not been favorable, leaving the forest thickly ensnared with hordes of vile Goblins. Further south and to the east sits the shining port city of Corzail, capital city to the land, and still further south the waters leading to the vast expanse of the Sea of Forgotten Dreams. The great Pale Horns shelter the small nation to the north and west like the outstretched arm of a caring mother to her child. Beyond them in the west, the Obsidian Coast bustles none the wiser to the slower pace of Farkyth. To the east of Sandstone is the grand merchant city of Cyrodil, the hub of all trade and commerce and home to a multitude of religious establishments, second only to the oldest parts of Corzail. Past the merchant heart of Farkyth, the guard of the dreaded Dead Peaks casts a border with the neighboring Calelands, a vast peasant land of farmers, and a welcome friend in a world of callous neighbors.

Recent times have been harsh, and as such, the nature of Shieldmeet is both welcomed and foreign to many of the small town. Only four years prior, the last Shieldmeet, the land was prosperous, the King in good health, and the people of the land rejoiced in most things. Alas, the Red Wyrm Nacrotyl came and bade havoc and ill will on this fair nation, he and his Goblin armies ravaging the lands, taking and leveling the great merchant city, and many of the finer warriors of the nation as well. The Steel Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr fought valiantly in the stead of her uncle, King Azoun Klain Obarskyr IV, but to her misfortune, she was unable to drive back the goblin armies from the grand merchant city, and thus it was lost. At last, the great wyrm was confronted on the battlefield by King Azoun himself, and after a long, toilsome battle, they were both slain, leaving Farkyth free from the grasp of the dreaded Nacrotyl, but regrettably with no leader to guide it. Today marks the eight month anniversary of King Azoun’s departure to the realm of the spirits, and in the passing months, a shift has occurred, naming Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr the Steel Regent of the nation of Farkyth, in the stead of the infant king, Azoun V. Cyrodil has since been rebuilt, but fewer merchants travel through Farkyth, and the King’s Forest still crawls with the foul Goblins. And such is the way of things in Farkyth. Yet, the lands of Narefûn, of the known world of Carnerra Noctin, are not in a better place. Narefûn too has felt a shift in power in recent days, and a sheet of darkness has spread across the lands, thinly veiling the good that exists in return for a most horrific evil.

The sky is gray, an ominous color for Shieldmeet, one representative of little prosperity and an abundance of bad will. The town is in a bustle though, people preparing for festival in an array of ways. This day of Shieldmeet marks the celebration of the Festival of the Hunt for the small township of Sandstone. And on this day, townsmen of all sizes and shapes gather in small bands to go off into the forest and hunt, bringing back the largest head and claiming recognition for being the best of hunters for the small town, a well met title that will keep the town fed through the coming winter. So take up sword or staff and rejoice in the good that has been brought upon your days. Seek out ways to improve your standing and the standing of others, ward off the bad wills of this and any other place, and celebrate, for a new time has come, and the world continues on.



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